Jonathan is a Chicago-based lifestyle photographer and social media coordinator. Jonathan is the perfect mix between a creative and social media strategist. 

Jonathan has been working as a photographer for 8 years, working with major brands such as Walgreens, Revlon, and the American Heart Association. An avid explorer, Jonathan is passionate about photography because it allows us to capture the world around us and relive powerful memories. Thanks to his versatile portfolio, Jonathan is well-versed in photography ranging from commercial shoots to portraiture.

As a social media coordinator he focuses on building communities online, developing strategies that increase client's reach and help drive sales. Jonathan loves to build social media guidelines and dive deep into analytics to better understand client's audience. 

When he’s not busy working, you might see him frequenting Chicago coffee shops, collecting eclectic pieces of home decor, or photographing his favorite subject–– his 16 year-old chihuahua, Cookie.